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Soné Greeff

Port Elizabeth Practice

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Special Interests


Food allergies & Intolerance

Feeding difficulties

Infectious diseases


GIT disorders


My Story


I'm a proud blessed mother of 3 beautiful young kids and a dietitian passionate and vastly experienced in paediatrics and paediatric allergy. I worked in London as a dietitian for 10 years. For 3 years I worked at the Evelina Children’s Hospital (St Thomas’ Hospital) as the Specialist Paediatric Allergy Dietitian. This centre is renowned for studies like the EAT, LEAP and GAP studies conducted there. We did combined gastro-allergy clinics with Great Ormond Street Hospital twice a month and daily food challenges on the wards. 


I moved to St Georges Hospital (London) for 6 years as a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian  and spend half my time on allergy outpatients clinics and challenges and the other half on inpatients including infectious diseases, GIT surgery patients, Neuro, oncology, feeding difficulties and Paediatric ICU.


I moved back from London to Port Elizabeth in 2017 and worked as the Chief Dietitian, Clinical Coordinator Preceptor at Livingstone Tertiary Hospital for 14 months. My passion lies with babies, children and pregnant woman so I really wanted to get my private practice up and running to return to my passion. I launched my private practice, Happy Healthy Kids, in September 2019 and assess patients both in hospital and as out patients. 

Megan Dimitriades

Pietermaritzburg Practice

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Special Interests



Fussy eaters

Nutrition Education

Metabolic conditions

My Story


I am a mom to two young boys and am passionate about helping children and parents experience a better quality of life with nutrition. I have had the privilege of working in London at the Evelina Children’s Hospital (St Thomas’ Hospital) as an inherited metabolic diseases dietitian. My journey took me onto being trained as a paediatric advanced diabetes dietitian where I was a key role player in setting up a joint insulin pump and diabetes service for Kings College and Evelina. This journey allowed me to present research in Europe as well as walk a road with many families supporting them and teaching them carbohydrate counting.


I then took on the same role at St Georges hospital in London, teaching more families how to manage their diabetes with carbohydrate counting and insulin therapy. During these years I worked with fussy eaters, patients with neurological disorders, oncology patients and in the paediatric ICU.

Moving back to South africa in 2015, I started work and currently still work for UKZN mentoring and tutoring fin year dietetic students. I have recently completed my Masters in Dietetics in the area of carbohydrate counting.

I am so excited to be joining Happy Healthy Kids and working alongside a great friend and colleague to assist parents and children  with their nutritional needs.

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